Unincorporated Ada County, Idaho

Unincorporated Ada County, Idaho (the area around the City of Boise)


http://www.adaweb.net/devserv/forms/Chapter4.pdf (broken link -sorry!)


A good lighting code that Stephen Pauley helped develop in 1999. The max. fco pole -height- limits chart (8-4H-1) is based on the Kennebunkport (Peter Talmage derived) formula where the height of a pole is controlled by the formula: 


H = 3 + D/3

     H = height of pole

     D = distance inside the property line


This formula is also used in the newer Ketchum ord. It minimizes light trespass by placing higher poles well inside a property's boundary line. It is a simpler way to handle the light trespass issue & avoids the need for light police and meter maids. 

It's Ada County Ord. 389, Chapter 4, Article H - Lighting Standards.