Seattle Municipal Codes

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Seattle Land Use lighting codes


On May 10th, 2000 I did a search at

for "light" and turned up the following Seattle Municipal Codes.


  • SMC 23.45.017 Light and glare standards -- Lowrise zones.
  • SMC 23.45.059 Midrise -- Light and glare standards.
  • SMC 23.45.075 Highrise -- Light and glare standards.
  • SMC 23.45.100 Institutions -- Noise, odors, light and glare, and signs.
  • SMC 23.46.020 Light and glare standards.
  • SMC 23.47.022 Light and glare standards.
  • SMC 23.48.030 Light and glare.
  • SMC 23.50.046 Industrial Buffer and Industrial Commercial -- Light and glare standards.
  • SMC 23.55.016 Light and glare from signs.

Related Bills

Council Bill Number: 113156


AN ORDINANCE relating to land use and zoning; amending Sections 23.44.017, 23.45.100, 23.45.112 and 23.47.022 of the Seattle Municipal Code to allow taller lighting standards for public school playfield lighting where necessary to improve safety for athletic participants and minimize impacts of glare and light spill.


This Bill is (to the best of my knowledge) to allow the following Seattle Schools to have Athletic Lighting


  • Nathan Hale High
  • Ingram High
  • Rainier Beach High

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