Bothell, Washington



8.64.030 Exterior lighting.

Exterior lighting shall be shielded or recessed so that direct glare and reflections are contained within the boundaries of the property, and shall be directed downward and away from adjoining properties and public rights-of-way. No lighting shall blink, flash, or be of unusually high intensity or brightness. All lighting fixtures shall be appropriate in scale, intensity, and height to the use they are serving. Exterior lighting shall be installed so that in no case shall more than one footcandle power of light five feet aboveground cross a property line in a residential zone as measured by a light meter meeting the American National Standards Institute specifications for such instruments. The owner of the property on which the light source is located shall bear the burden of proof that exterior lighting on their property meets these requirements, including the expense of a light meter reading. The meter reading shall be taken by a person deemed qualified by the director. The director shall maintain a list of prequalified persons available to the public. (Ord. 1690 § 1, 1997).

A foot candle may not sound like much, but if it were shining in your bedroom you might think differently.