Roslyn - Cle Elum, Oregon

The new Trendwest resort located next to Roslyn WA, MountainStar, is on its way to preserving it's night sky with this agreement (see below) . Both Trendwest and the environmental group RIDGE saw the value in preserving the night sky in Roslyn, Cle Elum area. Further rulings in preserving the night sky in this area are likely. Thanks Trendwest and RIDGE for your help.

Mountainstar Master Planned Resort

Settlement Agreement Regarding Mountainstar Master Planned Resort Cle Elum Urban Growth Area and Supporting Infrastructure and Services

Chapter 1 Agreement

1.15 Construction and Operation Impacts

1.15.3 Trendwest shall use the International Dark Sky Association ("IDA") Zone E1 standards for the MPR and UGA. The IDA Zone E1 standards are recommended for "Areas with intrinsically dark landscapes. Examples are national parks, areas of outstanding natural beauty, areas surrounding major astronomical observatories, or residential areas where inhabitants have expressed a strong desire that all light trespass be strictly limited." Trendwest shall incorporate the standards described in this Paragraph 1.15.2 in its MPR and UGA Design Guidelines and/or Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions.

MPR: MountainStar Master Planned Resort (

UGA: Urban Grow Area