Tacoma Moves to Ban Electronic Billboards

Tacoma’s City Council voted Tuesday [8/9/11] night to ban digital billboards in the city!


This is encouraging. Electronic billboards are a new and growing source of light pollution.

Lights out for electronic billboards in Tacoma



KING5.com - Chris Daniels - ‎Aug 9, 2011‎

The company had agreed to take down dozens of traditional billboards, in exchange for the right to put up to 10 electronic billboards across the city. The Council agreed to the terms of the deal earlier this year. But it was immediately met with ...

Tacoma bans electronic billboards



MyNorthwest.com - Jeff Pohjola - ‎Aug 10, 2011‎

The city council voted to outlaw them even after agreeing to ten of the billboards with Clear Channel Outdoor. "I think it's a matter of trying to find a way to do what's going to be best for the city," Tacoma Mayor Marilyn Strickland ...

No Child Left Behind, And Tacoma Billboards



KUOW NPR - Ross Reynolds - ‎Aug 10, 2011‎

Tacoma: No More Digital Billboards Tacoma's City Council has picked a fight with media giant Clear Channel by banning big digital billboards. Earlier the City Council had agreed to let Clear Channel put up some digital billboards if the company removed ...

Tacoma votes to quickly remove 190 billboards; legal war likely awaits

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TheNewsTribune.com - ‎Aug 9, 2011‎

By keeping digital billboards out of Tacoma, the council backs out of a legal settlement with Clear Channel that it had approved unanimously last year. The deal would have allowed digital billboards in exchange for removal of traditional signs. ...